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Stockport Gin Gunpowder Edition 700ml / 70cl

Stockport Gin Gunpowder Edition 700ml / 70cl

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The term 'Navy Strength Gin' allegedly derives from a test the Royal Navy did many years ago, to determine the strength of their spirits. The spirit would be mixed with gunpowder and lit with a match. If it burned with a clear flame, it was proof that the spirit was sufficient strength (roughly 57% ABV) Stockport Gin - Gunpowder Edition is an explosion of intense botanical flavours, with plenty of warmth, spice and forest pine, whilst still packing in a medley of citrus notes and staying true to the Stockport Gin roots. This punchy gin is served perfectly with plenty of ice, a premium Indian tonic, and a wheel of your preferred citrus fruit.

Alcohol: 57.1% Vol

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